French Macarons

French Macarons - student project

 I believe that when you get interested in something you suddenly start noticing it everywhere. Atleast this is what always hapens with me. I dont exactly remember where I saw the macarons first but these baeutiful cookies kept showing up everywhere, from magazines to pinterest. Our local cupcake store started selling these a couple of months back. I love photography, Food photography and portraits. So its hard not to want to photograph macarons:)

I am not sure if I would have tried to bake the macarons so soon if my daughters did not push me to do so. I love baking with my kiddos. we enjoy the process, the mess, the lovely smell and the baked goods and then I always keep a few cookies or a slice of cake to photograph later, always. I cant think of any other thing that can be so pretty and tasty and requires such few ingredients. and the colors!! who can resist the stunning colors of macarons anyways?

While it was so tempting to try chocolate ganache or some other jam but this time I went with plain butter cream frosting. Like Marie said, I have to make a few more batches before I go fancy on the fillings.

Things that I had trouble withfirstly it's very hard to wait for a perfect day when you are eager to bake something. Secondly it was a bit hard to keep the batter just the right consistancy and mix it just enough and too much. Mine did run a little thin, so it was a little hard to keep the macarons same sized.

I was very happy with the results, i didnt think I could actually bake my first batch of macarons and they will actually look and taste like macarons:).

Thanks Marie you were a great teacher!!:)

loving it all.