First still life

First still life - student project

I enjoyed this class very much. I think this is my real first observed still life. I've drawn them before in art school, but I realise I've never really 'observed' the situation.

Still life sketch

The pictures below show my progress for the first sketch. I've used a picture of interesting items styled together. The grid and the way of assessing measurements were very valuable during this assignment. I'm happy with how it came out, especially the tallest vase.


For the final image I knew I wanted to recreate the sketch, because I think the shapes are very interesting. I felt inspired by Czechoslovakian matchboxes with colourful prints, Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints, and silkscreen (inspired) prints.

What inspired me the most were the simple shapes, basic (mostly primary) colours, and the lack of outlines. I realised this is quite in line with the art style that I'm currently seeming to shift into.

What's interesting though is that all of the inspiration are printed illustrations, while my inspiration focus is usually very digital. I also usually work traditional, and yet I chose a digital medium this time.

The final piece

I enjoyed working on this piece so much, mainly due to its simplicity, the colours and the fact that the shapes are not perfect at all.