First brush exploration

First brush exploration - student project

First brush exploration - image 1 - student project

I noticed so many things about my brushes:

1. The quality and quantity of the bristles make a lot of difference when painting: brushes with thick and harder hairs don't create smooth stokes and wont hold as much paint as if they had more and thiner bristles.

2. I don't think most of them are meant for watercolors... I have more control with the water brushes than with any of the other ones. Water brushes slide on the paper like butter.

3. I couldn't make petal or drop shapes with any of my brushes... I want a Filbert.

4. I will take advantage of the unpredictability of the Round #10 (which has very thick bristles and uneven tip) for creating foliage and organic textures.

5. Im not sure if i can use the small water brush as a liner/ detailer. I cant properly control the amount of water with these brushes and the strokes are more diluted than what i would like my detailed lines to be.

6. I can work with these brushes at the moment but will buy better ones in the future (now that i know what to look for, yeih!)

7. I wonder what does the number on the brush stand for? mm? If i want i.e. a round #2.. will it have the same size no matter what brand i buy?

\o/ Thank you for another great class!!

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