Feelings & Exploration

Feelings & Exploration - student project

Here’s my project!! To meera: Thank you for the amazing class! I adore your work and this was so much fun, and inspiring as always. I loved finding new ways to explore my love for art and how it intersects with self exploration and feelings- and being able to put on paper things I’d never thought of expressing before.

day 1:

Day 2 (this was a terrifying exercise (especially as a trauma survivor) but so important nonetheless):

Day 3 (my favourite! So many colours I would never have thought of.. plus the paint splatters were a happy accident):

Day 4:

Day 5:

 Thanks for reading, everyone, it took me a while but I’ve loved the exercises and seeing everyone else’s art. It’s so beautiful and honest and that’s what makes art so special. Feel free to have a chat with me here, or on Instagram (@ericiaa_) where I post more art & write about feelings advocate for mental health