Facing Rejection as a Travel Photographer

Facing Rejection as a Travel Photographer - student project

My name is Sandra and I am a 25 wild-heart someone and Travel & Portrait Photographer based in Barcelona (my hometown). At the moment despite me defining myself as a Travel photographer, most of my (poor) income at the moment either comes from Portraits or some outer source.

For this project I am only centering on my Travel Photography side which is the less advanced (you can find me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/sanysaurio).

I have chosen two moneymaking methods from all that you have presented us and which are:

- Stock Photography: After having watched your video about Stock Photography I just went and register myself in Shutterstock and Adobe Stock (Fotolia), open up a profile, and already uploaded and sent some of my photographs for review.
I am not sure if it is better to keep posting and uploading more and more photos into both sites just to hope that at least one of them will make it through or if to ‘sit & wait’ few days until I get the email they said they would sent. 

I think that this would be one of the best ways to fit with my goals as it would allow me to travel while having a passive income where after uploading the photos I will not need to worry that much about anything else.

So in this case, definitely, this moneymaking method has been already applied and implemented in my plan. Now I suppose is time for me to keep uploading and sharing content in order to after some rejection, some of my work will make it through.

- Client Work: Have not figured out yet which kind of client I am searching for (would not mind having a helping hand recommending me some options or helping me choose what would be best in my case scenario). In the past I already did some free collaborations with two clothes brand, a yoga teacher and a crêpe food truck. I do not have any of those shootings showing in my website because I think they differ quite a lot from what you can see in my website/portfolio. Would you recommend me uploading them as well…?

I think that I would not mind having clients such as tourism boards, maybe airlines or even hostels/hotels (even though I still have not shoot any before) or outdoor adventures companies and tour/excursions (even tiny airplanes or helicopter sightseeing... I am too in love with anything and everything aviation and flying related).

This would need to be the most important moneymaking method so I definitely will need to start finding and emailing companies in order to put myself out there and let people know about me and my work facing rejection and by being consistent.

Website/Portfolio: www.sandrayniguez.com
IG Travel: www.instagram.com/sanysaurio
IG Portraits: www.instagram.com/sandrayniguezphoto

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