Exploring sketchbooks

Exploring sketchbooks - student project

I just began my first sketchbook and am using it to explore different mediums because I am also new to creating art.  The paper is too light for really wet washes of watercolor but it seems to be able to handle small amounts.  I am waiting on a larger set of watercolor pencils and I'll explore more with these when I receive them.   It appears that you do use watercolor pencils quite a bit as part of your wide range of art products.  There aren't many good Skillshare classes on that, so that's a suggestion. :)

I loved your overlapping leaves page idea, and the random shapes that overlapped with colored doodles on top.  That would go along with some of what I've done so far with the few shapes and then seeing what I could doodle on them.

I look forward to exploring your Youtube channel and Instagram page.  Thank you.


Exploring sketchbooks - image 1 - student project

Exploring sketchbooks - image 2 - student project

Exploring sketchbooks - image 3 - student project