Explore the Earth

Explore the Earth - student project

First off I just gotta say this class was a blast!

In the beginning I planned to do a logo for my friend's business but after doodling around I came up with this idea.

I started with the word explore and then tried out a couple different options ( explore wisconsin, explore the planet, explore the earth).  Once i had settled on the content I drew it four or five times til I got it where I wanted it.

After I settled on one, I treaced it and scanned it. but I also took an arial picture I ended up using the photo to trace in AI because the scan didnt work like I was hoping. I decided on using the pen tool cause I thought it looked better in the end.

Finally I threw it in to photoshop. I ended up doing the whole proccess 3 times to get it where I wanted it. But i think it turned out decent.