East Meets West

East Meets West - student project

I confess, I got so caught up after doing the still life sketch that I finished this project before watching the whole course.  I am sorry I did because I got so much out of the Still Life-In Your Style segment, it made me want to start this project again. :)  I am really intrigued by the layering of pattern and this was inspired in part by a Klimt documentary I just watched and his use of decorative pattern meets realistic drawing.  The pattern on the teapot was an unsuccessful repeat pattern I created awhile back, so it was kind of a revelation to understand that even my failures could be put to use in other artwork, ha-ha.  The black dashes were meant to pull parts of the composition together but ended up feeling like a small nod to surrealism as if the text is melting off the newspaper and pooling under the apples.  I struggled to use the chopstick for measuring.  I relied too heavily on my photo with grid to lay the foundation of the drawing before realizing my distance in person from the still life was not the same as in my photo, which made measuring with the chopstick more difficult, something I will keep in mind for next time.  Thanks for the great course as always!  I find your classes really inspiring.