Dream Cup

Dream Cup - student project

First of all, I loved this class. It was just what I needed as motivation to try my hand at something quick and fun to recharge my energy for 'proper' client work.

This was my process: I downloaded the list, blacked out everything but the words that most spoke to me, and then I started brainstorming for ideas as you can see.

Once I got to an idea I liked, I started doing thumbnails to explore different ways to showcase the idea. In this case, it was the cup as a bed, and dreams coming up like steam from a hot beverage from a person's head.

The thumbnails are for my own benefit, so no detail needed. I decided on a square format.

I picked the details I liked out of the thumbnails, and then started a proper, rough but clear sketch.

At this stage, I also decided the tea could be a blanket...or to better express it, the blanket could be made out of tea, somehow.

From the sketch, I worked the final with textures, and Kyle T Webster's brushes...until I got this.

The whole process took 2 hours from start to finish, after watching the class...drinking tea and eating a brioche in the meantime. 

Thanks for the chance to do this, it was a great way to spend a half-day off!

Illustrator and Comic Artist