Create a business plan

Create a business plan - student project

FIRST PASSIONLESS EFFORT...I will complete the necessary research and preparation to create a comprehensive business plan for my new business by 15 December 2017 with a view to taking it to market by 10 January 2018.  

UPDATED HOT GOAL WITH JILL'S HELP:-  I will create a business plan for a unique, highly profitable, location-independent business that fills me with inspiration, satisfies all my shadow values and connects me with my true purpose.

This includes:-

*  Chase up a final quote from XXXXX for upgraded license - check viability and establish break-even point - review upgrade vs retaining same cost base - based on decision calculate 1 month/6 month/12 month revenue targets (to be completed by 1 November)
*   Achieve appropriate knowledge of (XXX methodology) - test theory against known data - create a dynamic spreadsheet for automation of XXX Charts and Reports - check progress as at 1 November - to be completed by 1 December
*   Lock down a list of potential services that I will take to the marketplace complete with prices and draft methodologies (agree draft list by 16 October, complete all by 1 December)
*   Brainstorm a list of potential clients/markets for each service and conduct initial research - first draft to be completed by 20 October - market research to be complete by 15 December
*   Organise appointments with some existing and new contacts to discuss their needs in relation to new business model -  goal is 10 phone discussions and 2 face to face discussions per week for 8 weeks to 15 December - this will likely influence the outcome of the business plan in relation to final list of services offered
*   Attend PCM training 15-19 December
*   Based on all of the above create comprehensive business plan - to be completed by 15 December (just prior to PCM)

This is all very well in theory but I’ve never actually created a business plan before!  This is my short term achievable goal. Here goes... :-)