Craft Espresso Animated Video

Craft Espresso Animated Video - student project

Hello! This is my first animated infographic video. It took me about 1,5 weeks from the idea to the end. I used free illustrations from and sounds from I would love to thank Dan for his course! This was really interesting. I encourage all the students to take the challenge and do the final assignment. You will learn so much things, because Dan gives you an opportunity to work for a real-life project. During this work I not only consolidated the knowledge from the course, but also acquired a lot of new tips for other problems that I had. 

The most difficult thing was prepairing the illustrations for animation, so that every moving part was on its own layer in Ilustrator. But this is because I am not an experienced user, so one of my next steps would be taking an Illustrator course. Another thing that could be improved is probably the overall design skill, just to make the picture look good, consistent and stylish. 

I enjoyed making this video and figuring out how to present an idea visually. Thank you for your attention!