Charicatures in Photoshop

Charicatures in Photoshop - student project

I'd never tried out the liquefy filter, so this was a great class & I learned some really cool stuff. 

I decided to use a photo of my little kitten, Jet.  It's hard to improve upon his current level of cuteness! He already kind of looks like he's smiling in the photo!   

I "bloated" up his eyes, enhanced his smile, made his paws bigger & his neck a bit smaller, and curled up his tail. I also drew in some whiskers.

The only thing that would make Jet look this excited would be his daily bowl of milk!  So, I added a photo of a gallon of milk to reflect in his eyes.  I wasn't quite sure that the milk jug was recognizable, so I added the text just to make it more clear!  

I think my project could use more attention - the lines are a bit harsh where I cut out the parts with the lasso tool - but this was a really fun project!  Great class Noel!