Barbara Virtual Assistant

Barbara Virtual Assistant - student project

#1: Describe your ideal client. You can include anything such as a specific industry, age, gender, workstyle, communication style, etc.  

My ideal client would be an online solopreneur.  I prefer communications by Zoom calls, short video records via Loom, but would be willing to receive tasks in text in emails and messengers. The main industries are wellness, coaching, education, law, health, healing. 

#2: What type of work do you most want to do? For example, you could say that you want to ghostwriter content, or that you only want to write content that has your byline. You might want to do retainer work, or prefer one-off projects.  

I want to create sales funnels, landing pages, membership sites, video/audio/image content, email campaigns. I want to do web design and development in wordpress and web apps such as ClickFunnels, MailerLite. And I want to do retainer work.

#3: What type of clients do you want to avoid? For instance, if you want to work from home, you’d want to avoid clients that require you to work in their office. If you are an introvert you might want to avoid client that require a lot of face-to-face meetings and phone calls.  

I want to avoid a client that always has strict deadlines, text me a lot of tasks without permission/information needed to do it. A client that can't organize his work and can't give a clear instructions about my tasks. A client that pay a small fee and have fewer than 5 hours a week to do.

#4: What types of work do you want to avoid? Include any type of work here that may be common in your industry but that either you’re not good at, or don’t enjoy. 

I want to avoid customer support and content writing.

#5: How can you position yourself to fire a client? Remember that the main ways to do this are to have multiple streams of income (e.g. multiple clients, or things like royalties), build up a savings account, and grow a waiting list. 

I can have multiple clients in different industries (wellness, law, event marketing now) and build up business and personal savings accounts.