Artificis Logotype

Artificis Logotype  - student project

Hey Everybody,

This is my first project I’ve uploaded here to Skillshare, and I’m excited to be a part of the class. Thanks for a great class, Scott. You killed it, man. I really appreciate the work and passion you put into your work—it really shows.

For my project, I’ll be working on a logo concept for a self improvement curriculum called Artificis. Artificis translates from Latin to the phrase “The Craftsman.” The premise of the material included in the curriculum is that life should be approached with craftsmanship. Essentially, our life is a work of art that should be crafted on purpose with passion, dedication, and pride.

The client wants the logo to communicate a sense of:

  • Craftsmanship (obviously)
  • Originality
  • Stability
  • Time-tested
  • Type-based
  • Movement
  • A Vintage Feel

The logo will be used for everything from letterhead to web design elements. No secondary mark has been specified, but a “play-off” of the capital letter “A” is a possibility that may be explored.

For my inspiration, I wanted to look at a good bit of vintage type design from the 1890s-1930s. I’m looking at a strong, sturdy script with solid readability. Readability is always important, but I figure with the unique name, I need to pay extra attention to it.

Once I had done some research and got a feel for the direction I went ahead and got to sketching some rough comps. I may break out a brush pen this weekend, before choosing three options to clean up.

I decided to scan in and print out 5 different enlarged versions to decide on the ones to I wanted to tighten up.

I went ahead and chose three of the options to tighten with some tracing paper and patience. I found working with such a large printout as Scott recommends really helpful. 

Of course, there are still several issues with kerning, thicks and thins, angles etc., but I plan on fixing these in the vector stage. I'm still unsure which option I will go digital with. Option three was propbably my least favorite, but after I cleaned it up a bit I seem to be leaning towards it. I'm not sure if its too "sporty" though.

I'm going to sleep on it, since I have a busy couple of days coming up. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I went ahead with option three, feeling it was unique and captured the feeling of motion and growth intended for the brand. It also touched back to craftsmanship. 

After the first pass there was still alot of work to do. FIrst thing I did was thicken up everything. I then printed out a copy and analyzed it in analog.

I worked out a bunch of different iterations and played with the details trying to hone in an the best concept. I have a love-hate relationship with Illustrator, and I had fun mostly...mostly. There was the occasional primal shout of frustration--and I may have threatened to physically assault the pen tool a couple of times :)

In the later stages of the vecoring I felt that the cap "A" should become a bit more prominant, so I extended the stem to baseline of the underline. Another thing that I felt really helped the overall compostion was dropping the crossbar of the "t" a bit and letting it interact with the jot of the first "i". 

Anyway, here is the final (for now at least :) )

I also went ahead and got some presentation pics together.

I really enjoyed this class. Thanks Scott for your work in putting it together. I hope everyone else learns as much as I did. Good luck. Feedback is much appreciated!

Learn. Create. Repeat.