Art for Self-Care

Art for Self-Care - student project

Hi there!


This journey was pretty amazing for me and I appreciate a lot that you took the time to grew stronger and share with us. Thank you!

1 - While I was thinking about the first prompt I took another Skillshare class. As I made the exercises a phrase that I repeat to myself but am not that good at kept coming to my head. It took me to different times and brought mixed feelings. I don´t know if that count as naming a feeling but It ended up becoming an illustration series.


2 - Simple was a wish. I was dealing with papers and other bureaucratic stuff at the time.

3 - Well, I just wanted an ice cream really badly. No deep feelings on this one.

4 - Silencing my inner voice is a struggle. Where´s the simple and easy mute button?

5 - I was thinking about how problems from the past give us knowledge to deal with life. An easier way to that path would be very welcome.


6 - Oh boy, this one was tough. Let´s just say that everything that is happening and all the awful things we see on the news got to me badly. I´m Brazilian and things are not looking good here.

7 - Sometimes I have to remember that art is about making and not finishing.

8 - Internet overwhelms me badly. Number 6 is pretty much the result of excess information. I used to feel guilty about being offline and not wanting to talk even to my friends but I´m coming to terms with it. 

9 - I have a friend that always tells me she wishes I could see myself through her eyes.


10 - Once again I´m reminding myself to let go and have some fun with no other purpose.

11 - I got you when you said was weird to write some bad stuff down. I do use that phrase from time to time among friends but that´s different. Humanity sometimes makes me feel hopeless and 2020 is not helping.

12 - I am brilliant and so are YOU!

13 - Ohhh, the monster. The scale has been an enemy since my early years. I do have to work better on this one. Maybe I´ll print a copy so I can remind myself every time I see it.


14 -  I get to make waves. This last one was pretty emotional and has a lot of meaning to me. It means speaking out loud, fighting for what I believe it´s right, giving me permission to be angry and to not stay still. Also means ripple effect and the belief that one can change the world by just, well, making a little wave.


Oh boy, those were amazing prompts. I´m actually pretty happy with the results. 

As a bonus I think I created a cohesive illustration series and they´ll probably be used in the future somehow. I accept ideas ^^


Once again, thank you for this class.