A lot of Animals with one color

A lot of Animals with  one color - student project

Hi Olga, its me again :) Now doing your third class and this time I was prepared to set aside some time before :). I used Paynes Grey for all the picture, because I like it very much as well.
I had some problems to get the fluffy fur with the wet on wet technique. I always ended up in a mess or it was to dry, so I tried to correct the mess and add the fur otherwise. Anyway I learned some new things and it was a great experience to limit myself to one color. Thank you for this well taught class. Here are my Projects:

exercising brushstrokes:


the two cats:


A Panda and a Penguin ( I love Penguins :)):



the big Panda(at the ears you can see some of the mess I was left with :)):


and finally the Hedgehog:




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