A few images from Venice, Italy

A few images from Venice, Italy - student project

Venice, a beautiful city through and through. I really enjoyed my time in the floating city and it was a great start to my trip through Italy. I captured a ton of photos, but my favorites are a series that I captured in one of the boat terminals in Murano (a small island next to Venice where I was staying). 

I captured a ton of photos here at the boat terminal, but it came out to being about 4-5 wide photos and 8-10 detailed photos, a perfect amount of images. I don't know what struck me so much about this boat terminal. It's really nothing special, just a box on the water where you get on and off the boats. There was something about the light, color, and shapes that I was drawn to. I also found the idea of a boat bus fascinating, as it felt exactly like a bus stop in any given city except for the fact that a boat picked you up instead of a bus. Truly uniquely Venitian! 

Anyways, here are some of my favorite images from this impromptu photo session at Murano Museo station in Murano, Venice. Fun fact, this was my first Twitter post that went viral on Twitter. I guess people really loved the vibe of these images!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these photos. Do you have a favorite? Do you like the film style editing style?  



What do you think? Can't wait to see your class projects!

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