A & C Serpentine Pattern

A & C Serpentine Pattern - student project

Thank you Bärbel for your amazing class! 


These are some of my pencil sketches for some of the initial motifs and elements of this pattern (one of my main flowers was later modified as I didn't like how it looked in the composition). 



With these basic ideas in mind, I used Ps to draw my final motifs and then, I vectorized them in Ai, where I applied the initial colors, although I normally change my colors a few times before I feel happy with them. :-)

I normally make all my elements separately as I tend to move around everything when I am making the pattern composition and this way allows me to have more freedom to make changes.


I have used different types of flowers (roses, tulips and honeysuckles), branches and leaves (acanthus, honeysuckle and small leaves) and sizes to create contrast and balance between the different elements.

For the background I have designed a dotted background that I normally like to use with my designs.

In total I have used 9 colors for this design, although I could reduce them to 8 if needed, because I have similar hues with the purples and the green tones.



I have prepared a couple of mock-ups to showcase some of the uses I envision for this design, as wallpaper and fabric.





Thank you for reading this! Have a nice day!


Surface Pattern Designer & Illustrator