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EDIT AGAIN: now with Tyler and logo centered

1: just the logo


2: horizontal logo only

3: stacked logo

aaand because I'm super annoying and making millions of edits (sorry!!) I whipped these up quickly as black versions too- I am gravitating more towards the white and grey iterations, but when talking about band merch it's hard to go past a black tee, right? Haha!


EDIT: weeeeeoooooooh I've done some actual mockups now! I'm a little concerned that I've gone a bit overboard with the grafitti overspray, so feedback is mucho appreciated! (I've also never really used photoshop/ illustrator except for briefly in first year of university, so this learning curve has been steeeeeeep- please be gentle! HAHA)

I also had a play around with the idea of Tyler being the focus (despite his possible chagrin) and adding the banksy-esque overspray, as suggested :). I'm not certain that grafitti street art= Jamaican influence, but it's an interpretation right? 

So the feedback I got from my friends on the above is that it isn't obvious enough as being a twenty one pilots product- so I changed it slightly and did some proper mock ups :)

Drafts/ Ideas:

1- The idea of this is that everything that's black is the tshirt itself- and everything else (including the middle bar of the logo) is screen printed.

2- sort of an inverted version of the above one

3- I haven't finished drafting this one up yet- but I'm toying with an almost Banksy inspired image of Tyler jumping in the air- capturing the energy of the live performance. I know he said he's anti having bands on their own merch, but if this is arty enough, could he be convinced? This would be coupled with the logo in some capacity, and possibly a popular/ thought provoking lyric. Edit: actually now that I look at this again, maybe it has too much detail to be effective when it's screen printed?

EDIT2: So I had a quick play around with this idea- but I'm still concerned that it may have too much detailing and the strokes may be too thin for screen printing? 

4- Again, I'm not sure how they'd feel about lyrics on merch- but some of the best sellers from when I did merch for bands was stuff that featured cool/ famous/ thought provoking lyircs. Obviously Twenty One Pilots has no shortage of those kinds of lyrics- and I think using them would go back to the whole 'what does this band stand for', and 'how do we start the conversation'. Something like this (this is old, and for something else entirely, but I could fix it up).

5- I'd like to do something much cooler with typography as well, with perhaps another poignant lyric? I'm super pro using lyrics if that's a viable option. Leaning towards lyrics like 'And I'll be holding on to you' or 'And now I just sit in silence', or even 'Sometimes quiet is violent'.

That's where I'm at for now- I'll keep fleshing these out tomorrow :) 

I was bored in my lecture this morning, so had a play with adding some texture to my fav. of my drafts- I fear that it's too much texture to be honest, but would absolutely value your feedback :)