the subway

the subway - student project

Out of the freezing cold night she felt a lot better sitting in the warmth of the empty subway station. She knew that this far down the cold could not reach her. So she was safe here. So safe that she opened the top part of her cold to feel the warmth that was coming in from the heaters of the tunnel. She was dressed appropriately in her black winter boots, long black winter cotton coat and fur lined hood with down fur lining, and her blue winter fur gloves which she took off and held in her hands along with her white and brown fur hat that covered her long black hair.  She then laid down her  brown leather briefcase in her lap along with her hat. As she Looked around the empty station she could only see a few people dressed in winter coats separated on either side of the tracks waiting for the trains to come. Some were witting on the long benches and some were standing next to the wall away from the others.  As for the sounds inside the station she could only hear the static electrical charge that ran along the tracks and through the tunnel. Along with the random announcements that were alerting passengers of any train delays or holdups along the lines. 

The station itself was brightly lit with ceiling lights and was painted in a tan and black color that gave the station a modern yet homey feeling to the passengers that waited for the trains. There was also music that was piped into the station from above to help relax the passengers before their long trip up the tunnel. The tunnel itself was dimly lit with only side lights to help guide the trains to their destinations and row upon row of cables hung on the sides of the tunnel.  As she continued to wait  for the train she got lost in her thoughts about all the things she had to do when she got to work and how she would spend her time arranging her daily schedule throughout her day.  Looking up she noticed a few more people had made their way down to the warmth of the tunnel just as ag distant rumbling sound was heard in the distance of the tunnel. It started as a low rumbling noise then it grew louder as it got closer to the station. She could not tell which side it was coming from because of the depth of the tunnels. All she knew was it was getting closer to the station. For a moment she wondered where it was coming from the garage or another station?, Or was to be the first train of the day? it really did not matter to her as long as it carried her to her office in warmth. The sound was closer now and still getting louder as she rose from her bench and waited at the ramp like the other people did. Looking from side to side she could see the lights of the train in the distance approaching her station. Its bright white lights shinning like a beacon to the waiting station. Its rubber wheels pounding the track as it roared through the station.  When finally it arrived pushing a hugh gust of wind ahead of it blowing her long hair back from her face.  It entered the station as a long grey snake spreading out to show its full length until it reached the top of the platform and stopped to open its doors to its waiting passengers. She entered the train and took a window seat facing the other track as the other passengers spread themselves out throughout the other cars. Once the doors had closed and the train started to move away from the station she pressed her face against the window and thought about all the things she had to do today.