project book bus

project book bus - student project

So i did it.... i created my indiegogo campaign with video and all.  I havent announced to anyone until now.

Please tell me what you think.  The pitch video and project can be found here:

The project is geared toward helping teens and kids in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where i have been living for 4 years.  My Son Jordan is the inspiration for this project,  he is a talented artist and now the spokesperson for PJAE Project. (He did all the art for the indiegogo page and he appears in the video - The video quality could have been  better but due to a few limitations and only my samsung on hand, but  i decided to go with it)

The project aims to put art and books on a bus and provide library services and classes to different  poor and rural communities in Rio. 

Im about to follow the marketing  section of your class, sharing the page with family, friends, and colleagues on all the different tiers.

Will  update  as my 30 days go ticking by to tell you of my experiences, insites etc.