platitudes - student project

Another day come and gone and the world kept spinning
Defined by obsession and what you’re doing
Each minute slips away and the devil keeps on winning
So weighed down by everything that I’m missing

Am I the only one
Who keeps coming undone

Cut the empty platitudes, don’t care if you mean well
I’m barely hanging on and it doesn’t help
Don’t remind me to stay on the bright side
I wish it were that easy, I’d brush it aside

Can you just wait a minute, I gotta find my mind
Thought it was implicit, it’s a little overwhelming
Don’t know how to say it but I’m gonna find
The words to say it, how my heart is swelling   

I wish I could find a way outta my own head
Everybody says pray but it’s filling me with dread
The thief’s stolen my pride and my joy
Here it comes again, intent to destroy