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ink&craft studio - student project

This is my submission for Assignment 2 of Creative Business Bootcamp. Unfortunately, I could only submit the business cards that I have been working on, as my products are printing at the moment, and I am unable to take any photos of my products nor display my webpage as my products are still printing. 

For my business cards, I came up with the idea that I could include a handwritten quote at the back of each card, to give it a more interesting and organic feel. It could also double up as a keepsake for customers, as it is quite likely that customers who are interested in my products would love keepsakes such as these. 

I decided to go with the mini business card format, as these are getting more popular and have a more modern and stylish vibe to them.

I tweaked the colour balance and hues of the hand-painted background of my logo to correspond with the handpainted background on the other side of the card. This resulted in the following:

The above shows the front of the card. The back is as follows:

I selected quotes that are in line with my Brand Mission Statement, which was "Inspiring handmade papergoods for people who enjoy the comforts of a beautiful life."

Next up, the second design for my mini business card:

and the back of it:

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my project! I will upload photos of my product and webpage after my products have been printed.

Thanks for looking! :) Cheers.