iPhone Photography Project

iPhone Photography Project - student project

I had so much fun doing this project. It's nice to "look for" what to photograph sometimes! 

Close up of Lily of the Valley sprouting. Focused on foreground and "BOKE" on the background.

I don't normally photograph in mid day like this, but just to show the example. It's back lit, at least! 

Playing with shadows. It's in the bathroom. 

This was shot in the evening when sun was setting and reflecting the light on trees. It was pretty light. 

I saturated a little in Photoshop. But it did look this color. 

Playing with composition, using background "BOKE".

Photographing texture. This is a table at one high school. 

Again, I don't normally photograph mid day when the light is harsh like this. But I thought this is nice texture and contrast plus shadow. 

Morning light coming through bathroom window. Backlit. 

It was mid day, but this was shot in a shade. Take a look at next picture for comparison. It's the same cherry blossom tree. In the sahde flowers look soft and very pretty. 

Same tree as previous picture, but I included sun. It's backlit, but light is a little too harsh. 

Shot against sun at sunset, making nice silhouette of trees and house. 

Thank you, Mariya! 

It was a great class! Look forward to see more classes coming up :) 

-- Makiko 

Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Portrait Photographer