hello me!

hello me! - student project

Thank you so much Mari... this course was exactly what i needed and wanted right now to sort things out a bit... :) 

You are an inspiration!


-a celebration in 2 years from now... don't know what exactly for, but i know the people i want there and where.. which is pretty nice already :)


-rethinking / reframing a painful memory. one of the nicest exercise i've done. from a place of jealousy, pain and hurt i've found a surprisingly big source of compassion and even joy.. thanks!



-not very creative here with a "winter" heart. but it has been such a special winter. grateful. 


- loved that "stars" exercise. (a lot of journaling accompanied that..)


-and finally, was nice to discover that i have (hopefully) meaningful things to offer to the ones that i love...