collage with printed pages

collage with printed pages - student project

So fun. A perfect way to spend an evening. I started by making a birthday card for my sister in law.  Their last dog was a grey hound but this doesn't look much like one. Sigh!I used a discarded book from the local (free) book exchange and added some acrylic ink and a little colored pencil. Since this is intended as a birthday card I used part of an old stamp for the collar as I liked the reference to candles.


I love fish and find them a wonderful source of inspiration.  This fish is created from a page from an old Japanese book. The blue paper comes from a floor plan guide to a local museum. The fins and tail come from the same book as used for the dog but I stamped them with a lino cut design to add more texture.  Such a fun class.  I hope to create more fish, working off these ideas.