"You'd Be Breakin My Heart" REMIX

"You'd Be Breakin My Heart" REMIX - student project

   I wanted to use the same verse, chorus, chorus structure you had in your original project, but I didn't like the Cytrus synth or the loud drum booms. I cut the choir swells to have shorter oscillations, making the choir swells sound more like a guitar riff instead. I changed the synth to FLEX, which gave a more 80s vibe. I was going to add some vocals singing, "You'd be breaking my heart. Yeah, you'd be breaking my heart, and it's not fair," along with the 2nd melody, but I don't have a file converter for phone recordings. Overall, I had a more shoegaze inspired end-product in mind. It's still fast like your original song, but there's a tinge more of that shoegaze sadness.