Writing for self-discovery

Writing for self-discovery - student project

I'm in a transition period in my life right now, soon moving to another country, so my days look very different depending if I only have my usual part time job or some more work.

Also, to be honest, my days look totally different when I schedule and plan them and when I don't. So I took this exercise as a chance for introspection. :)

When I plan:

* 8 hours sleep

* up to 4 hours food: cooking, eating, washing dishes

* 1 hour editing work

* 1 hour translating work

* up to 3 hours mantra meditation

* 1 hour practicing art

* 1 hour video call with my love

* 1 errands

* 4 hours everything else: family time, time outside, moving my body, extra work, extra errands, self care etc.

When I don't plan:

* 4-8 hours sleep

* 1-4 hours food

* 0-4 hours something else

* remaining time: procrastination :D


I love journaling, it's been a huge part of my self-care journey, but I don't do it every day. Would be nice to incorporate that into my every day life, and for that I need to (obviously) plan my days more often.


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