Working Title: The Shadow of the Willow

Working Title: The Shadow of the Willow - student project

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Paragraph Summary:  

Thirteen-year-old Celestica Storm has been the prisoner of a hellish compound for five years.  She has endured torture, tests, experimentation, and genetic modification.  The trauma she has endured has caused her to become untrusting, depressed, and unstable.  Her only comfort lies with her cellmate and best friend, Danielle, who acts as her protector.  When Danielle rebels, the Head Doctor takes action and she is immediately killed.  Without any time to grieve, Celestica is given the final modification serum before she is to "graduate" from the compound, the effects of which are devastating.  After awaking from a night filled with hallucinations, nightmares, and extreme pain, Celestica meets Samantha.  Dead for over two decades, Samantha's knowledge about the Compound's origins and the sinister goals of the Head Doctor are invaluable.  Filled with a new sense of purpose and determination, Celestica easily conquers the final tests and allies herself, albeit unwilling at first, with the other surviving subjects. With Samantha's aid, Celestica is able to get the other children to safety, but at the cost of being captured once more.  Now, in order to escape the compound for good, she has to maintain her resolve while pushing through her distrust, her grief, and realizing the extent of her strange and newly developed powers.  The secret to her escape may just be found in the most unlikely person, but only if Celestica can learn to trust the son of the man who runs the facility.


In order to escape the compound she is a prisoner of, Celestica must make unexpected allies and master her newfound power.


A thirteen-year-old genetically modified girl must overcome the trauma of her surroundings, the grief of losing her only friend, and her deep-seated distrust in order to gain her freedom and rescue the other children from a brutal and hellish organization.


Five years ago, Celestica was kidnapped and brought to a sinister compound.  She has endured genetic modification, experimentation, torture, and the loss of a dear friend; but her state of mind is suffering. Now, at only thirteen, she must push through her grief, anger, and deeply rooted distrust if she is going to make her dream of freedom a reality.  Against her wishes, she is forced to befriend the other children held prisoner and take on unexpected allies.  When the Head Doctor takes a strange and dangerous liking to her, and a powerful Graduate of the Compound's first generation target Celestica, she realizes that she needs to come up with a foolproof plan of escape and master her newly developed powers-- and fast.  After a selfish and dangerous choice puts another in harm's way, Celestica finally understands that freedom may come at a very high price, one that she may not be prepared to pay.