Work in progress

Work in progress - student project

 neck 15-1/2

 waist   35-1/2

 hip  44

chest 38-1/2

sleeve length  23

inseam 28

height 6'0"

weight  192 lb


Got the measurements from a seamstress. I went out for a walk Saturday AM and spotted a sign on her lawn. Took 4 shirts over to her today for alterations. Very friendly woman.


I watched video 2 and was pleasantly surprised that I have quite a few pieces already, so this won't set me back hundreds of $.

I have 2 questions for Megan. First, what are the boots you referred sounded like chukka boots...?

Second, I bought some black 501's a few years back. I haven't worn them much so they are still dark.  I really like the fit and look except they are probably 1.5 to 2 inches too long so they bunch up around the ankles. Is that a problem?