Work and travel guide for freelancers // A publishing project

Work and travel guide for freelancers // A publishing project - student project
  • Idea: what are the basics of your project?

I write books for freelancers and creatives who are curious about what it means to go freelance. I wrote a book on how to become a freelancer and one on how to turn side projects into a creative business. I'm thinking about writing a book about work and travel next. 

  • Audience(s): who will be most excited about this project? Is there more than one audience?

To increase the popularity of my books, I already have an audience in mind when writing the guides I publish. I focus on people interested in freelancing who are already in my circle, designers, photographers, bloggers, illustrators, writers,..

  • Channels: where do these people hang out? What is the best way to reach them?

I focus on blogs and magazines for freelancers. For my work and travel book I want to get involved with the digital nomad communities. There are many groups on FB I'm already part of and I'm also planning to reach out to travel and lifestyle bloggers to let them know about my plans and later on about the campaign once it's live. 

I believe that a lot of the people that might be interested in supporting my upcoming project will be on Facebook and also Instagram. I have a large following on Instagram, so I'm planning to activate the people who already follow me and give them reasons to tell their friends.

I believe that if I make it obvious who I am doing my project for, it will be easier for people to tell their friends who they think might be interested.  

  • Comms Story: what imagery, video, backstory etc. will you include to help sell your idea?

  • Rewards: what can you give back to your project supporters to make them feel special? 

The digital book, a print book, a print book with credits and Skype sessions to discuss the backer's indiviual situation and share my insights in a more personalised way. 

Do you have any other suggestions for me?