Watercolour Portraits

Watercolour Portraits  - student project

I think this would have to be my first time attempting a watercolour portrait. I've always loved drawing portraits but have never felt confident enough to paint one, but I had a lot of fun during this class. I really liked the tips and techniques - the rubbing alcohol is genius! Such a cool effect.

My first attempt is not great - the drawing itself is terrible but I'm happy with how the painting side turned out. I tried to follow in Melissa's style but I have to admit it's not what I would normally do. 

I wanted to do another piece using what I learned from this class. I'm much happier with how it turned out. It feels like more of my style while still incorporating themes from the class. I wanted to paint a portrait of a mermaid and thought the rubbing alcohol effect would be perfect for bubbles. I loved using the masking fluid too, which provided a great effect for pearl jewelery. I'd really like to paint another portrait now that I feel a bit more confident only if I do I hope the portrait will looks less dopey/bored =P 

Thanks for the class Melissa!

Hobby Artist