Watercolor Flowers Exercise

Watercolor Flowers Exercise  - student project

Hello!! :) 

First I want to thank Jean for this class. It is excellent!! :) I really enjoyed. I am new to watercolor. I've always loved watercolors and this year decided to start learning about it ! It is my second attempt at loose style, which I find pretty challenging and super fun! 

I started painting a Sea Holly Flower. I really love their texture and shape. With my first exercise I got excited so much I forgot to pay attention to the composition haha. I did notice some things were out of place and I decided to just let it that way and move on into another exercise. 

I tried again with the Sea Holly Flower. This time I tried to create much of the shape with the running paint just like the video teaches. It was really amazing to see the idea of the flowers coming out of the water by themselves. Really exciting! :) 

I enjoyed adding details with the brush and more intense color. I didn't want to make an exact illustration of the flowers but more an artistic approach to it. I feel pretty good about the result but I want to keep improving this technique. I find specially challenging to measure the amount of water in the brush! 

Here is a detail of the flower I liked the most because the steam and the shape came out by itself. 

Finally I moved into a different exercise and decided to paint a field of red poppies. Again I had a challenge with the amount of water but it was a good exercise !! I didn't like much the color harmony but I need some new colors. Specially the red one (please any advice in good reds will be really appreciated! ) I have pyrrol scarlet from Daniel Smith and Cadmium Red from W&N. But I wasn't that excited about this two reds. 

Also the green wasn't quite my favorite color but after finishing it I like the result. I applied salt and cling wrap and got some textures but not as defined as I wanted. 

Overall I am really happy with this practice and I hope to improve in the future! I'm sure this class it is a great motivation in the direction I'd like to go!! Thanks for any advice and for the Class !!! XOXO