Warsaw street

Warsaw street - student project

Hallo Julia!

I finally did it! :) After your first class (thank you again!) and my first step in urban sketching I decided to take the challenge and do the next. Everything seemed to be clear, logical and easy... until I've started to draw ;) I choose one of the Warsaw Old Town street - short and modest, known from the little blue gate. Small amount of decorations, no sculptures - should be good for the first sketch in perspective. But... aaaaaa! I was so mistaken!

What was challenging to me:
- sketching every little detail in perspective (thank you for explaining triangles, circles and diamonds - so useful!)
- finding proper relations between elements in perspective
- following the rules and switching off my misleading intuition.

I've learned a lot making this project, also from my mistakes ;)

These are my steps:
(sorry, my first sketch is hardly visible - made lightly with a hard pencil):

Step 2:

Step 3 - bringing my street to life (watercolor technique is perfect for shabby walls!)

Julia, thank you for the great class!

Thanks for watching!