Wardruna: Structuring Your Story Project

Wardruna: Structuring Your Story Project - student project



The story of my narrative may help me better understand the story of my own experiences. My perception of the world, emotional state, and very psyche have been hardened by the amount of combat I experienced in the Marine Corps and the criminal elements I was exposed to in my youth. Consequently, I’m hoping that this narrative can help me better understand my brothers-in-arms, my own inner machinations, and how we fit into the ‘normal’ world.




Some lifestyles and situations are practically impossible for people to fully comprehend. Hopefully, this story can be simultaneously informative, with respect to those aforementioned lifestyles, and entertaining.




The protagonist has forsaken part of his humanity to excel as a soldier-of-fortune and survive in an unforgiving world.


My premise:


What if a cold and bitter man finds his fate entwined with an innocent, and he’s expected to reclaim a portion of his lost humanity to protect the innocent’s humanity from the horrors of the world?

Aspiring polymath...