Walking the Dog Through the Snow

Walking the Dog Through the Snow - student project

A comic based on the first snow of the year and the hijinks the pupper got up to.

Concept - 1

First throught was an opening shot of the living room with excited dog looking out of the window. The following panels split by a show flake with each panel having a different activity.


Concept - 2

The second concept was looking from the inside the living room followed by a more convential comic page. This has less activities as most of it does overlap.


Concept - 3

The final concept starts with a landscape shot with the snow beginning to fall, followed by the pupper staring out of the window.



Going with the final concept. Fleshing out some of the scenes, with some shading to remind me where the shading would go.



I kept a thicker line for the characters where there is a background to help them pop.



Original there was no dialogue, but I quickly added the important parts, dog go woof, geese go honk and I go ARRRRGGGGHH



Kind of lost my way here, I get very little colour practice, so the colouring is a little inconsistent. I used a pencil brush to create the snow texture but would have probably been better off using a spray brush instead.


I should have created concepts for the chibi dog before trying to draw the entire comic, the shape changes throughout the comic. I also could have pushed the form of the chibis in general to make them cute.