Twenty One Pilots beginning sketches and designs

Twenty One Pilots beginning sketches and designs - student project

When I first heard about this class I was super excited to have Brandon Rike as a teacher and design for Twenty One Pilots. I have more sketches I have created for this project but I smudge my thumbnails a lot and this sheet seemed the cleanest to post. 

Anywho onto the sketches.

1. Rasta Mask

     I took what Tyler said about the reggae feel that his new music will have and tried to incorporate that into a logo but not be cliche about it. I wanted it to have a somewhat tribal pattern overlaying the mask and alternate colors throughout. Pretty happy with how this is coming along. I may play with the type a bit more but we'll see.

2. Hand Painted

     Again I tried thinking of a reggae vibe to give the logo and I remember Brandon saying something hand painted or hand drawn would be cool. I still have yet to design this one up. Not sure if the idea will be original enough so I may not try it. 

3. Slash Logo

     For this one I wanted to use the negative space to give just a subtle hint of the logo since Tyler said he wanted to use negative space in the design. 

4. Negative Space Bars Logo

     This is by far my favorite design. I wanted to go for a minimalist/simple design that could be iconic or easily recognizable. I also wanted a design with clear use of negative space. I tried the design on a red shirt and black shirt and was happy with both.

5. 21 Logo

     I sketched this before I realized I can't use "21" in the design so I scrapped this design but used the rounded lettering concept in the Rasta Mask design. 

6. Type Design

     I really want to see where this will go. It is a bit trendy by using a bunch of caligraphy style type and banners and such but I think I can add a more modern flair to it with the logo and the colorways. I'm looking forward to mocking this one up sometime soon. 

7. Masks Design

     I don't have the masks design sketched but I figured it would be quick to design so why sketch it? I purposely kept 21 masks on there and I liked how the empty holes looked. It helps the design breathe a but more and doesn't look like a big square of masks as much. I'm liking this one. Not super original but it's something I think the fans will enjoy and relate to.

UPDATE....Here are a couple of the previous designs mocked up with textures.

First is the Rasta Mask.

Then the negative space bars logo.

Followed by a handdrawn shirt design. This was to go with the hand drawn, diy, reggae vibe that Tyler wanted.

The last design is based off of the saying "Power to the Local Dreamer". I took the dreaming part literally and make a thinking cloud.

FINAL UPDATE....Well the time is here. These are my final designs. Brandon requested there be no texture on the bar design and the ski mask design so I have mocked up versions of those along with leaving the textured versions up as well for comparison. Brandon also requested that I try the ski mask design with smaller type inside of the circle so that is on here now as well.

Feedback, please?