Twenty One Pilots: Band Tee Design

Twenty One Pilots: Band Tee Design - student project

Made some sketches based on the interview between Brandon and Tyler.

Before the class unlocked I researched the band: their site, store for current merch, and their Wikipedia entry. Wikipedia gives some background on how the name of the band was established.

"...a play about a man who commits suicide after causing the death of twenty one pilots during World War II because he knowingly sent them faulty parts for the good of his business. [Tyler] Joseph explains that this story of moral dilemma was the inspiration for the name of the band."

So even before watching the interview, I started sketching out an idea I had. It's not always smart to start designing before getting the initial client input but that's how this project started. 

After watching the interview, it became clear that my first idea didn't fit the direction provided by Tyler. However I still might explore it to see if it'll still work. I also came up with some other sketches based on Tyler's direction.

  • First idea: WWII bomber with band name and logos across it.
  • Second idea: a graffiti/paint splatter style of their logo echoing some of that reggae vibe. Not sure how the band name would fit in but can explore it after looking at how the logo turns out.
  • Third idea: some style of lion (Rastafari symbol) but after sketching it out, I think the symbol of the lion will overpower any other logo/type. Likely won't pursue this design.
  • Fourth idea: come up with some patterned design based on a Jamaican mandala with band logo in the middle. I'll encompass the design with the band name and "local dreamer" motto, which will finish off the design into more of a seal.

Excited to get started.

### Update 01.28.2014 ###

I wanted to explore the mandala design first since that seemed like the strongest of the bunch after the WWII bomber idea. I think the color version looks okay but I'm a sucker for a one-color design on a shirt. Even though I started out with a reggae vibe, it started to turn out more Aztek-like so I chose a font that echoed that aesthetic. Below are the colorways and a close up of the actual design.

### Update 02.03.2014 ###

Here is my update to the mandala design based on Brandon's feedback. Fitting it into the circle took away too much of the design so I went with a horizontal placement of the type. Also chose a new font that has a line width that matches the line work in the piece.

I love good typography and even better, a great type lockup. Applying that love to this project, we get something like this. Not sure about having the state outline, thought it felt empty not having anything at the bottom of the design to help frame/balance it out. 

I think the one-color option works best here. It helps keep that vintage feeling the type brings that you lose by adding color.

### Update 02.07.2014 ###

I absolutely love texture in design so this was my favorite part of the project so far.

For my first concept, I went a little texture heavy on the mandala design but I think it helps turn the design away from an Aztec feel to more of that graffiti/reggae vibe. Presented in color and as a single color on black and red.

Detail of the design with texture:

Here's my second concept with texture. Pure typographic tee with some vintage type and weathering. I'd wear this all day.

Detail of the design with texture: