Turkish tea (Earl Grey) and a Mediterranean breakfast

Turkish tea (Earl Grey) and a Mediterranean breakfast - student project

As a Turk, I consume this combo every morning. But this morning, after taking this class, it became a much more "mindful" experience. I hope I'm not too cliche in saying that. But I now understand why I always leave my tea to the side until the very end, when I eat jams instead of cheese. The strong, bitter taste of the tea balances out very well with the intensely sweet Turkish jam (it’s pretty much drenched in sugar). I found the opposite true when the tea has added sugar - the sweet/bitter taste complimenting the acidic feta cheese.
I've always hated how the Turks make their tea, terribly bitter, but now I finally get why it's drank this way. We don’t put milk in our tea, because it softens the taste and goes terribly with our cheese. Green teas are too delicate and become lost among the strong flavours of the olives, hot peppers and old Kashar cheese. I won't attempt to find better, more exotic breakfast blends like I used to because honestly, this is the perfect pairing :D