Trip to my heart <3

Trip to my heart <3 - student project


Dear Jordan! (I loved when you called us "Dear Students").

Thank you so much for this little treasure class.

I dont think I ever putted on paper my feelings and its odd since I do draw for a living. Will make this a daily routine. I really liked, so thank you! 

I didn't marked the timing but I believe the whole project took me around 1 hour. I didnt sketched anything. I didnt used pencils or eraser. I just sitted in my desk with 2 Tombow brushes and started drawing. I did not cared about line quality, about composition, about wonk lines or anything. I just draw for 1 hour without any pressure to create the "perfect" drawings.

I also pushed the limitations and just picked 2 colors: black, yellow and of course the white of the paper as the third color.



The first prompt I draw was "What I want".  It was the easiest one and I believe it took me around 8 minutes more or less to end all the 4 mini illustrations. 

You can check it below:




Original scanned (was made in cheap coping paper):




(somehow the photos I did with my Iphone turned out better than the scanned ones):



In case its not legible, these are the things that I want:


1) a funny boyfriend (someone to laugh with me and of me, why not?) :)

2) not counting calories (when I eat icecreams and specially not when I have "pay 1 and get 2" sale).

3) buy another apartment (want to start renting apartment to tourists and make additional income)

4) Trip to Japan in 2020


The second prompt I draw was "What I Fear". 


I think this prompt took me around 20 minutes. I had to think about the things I fear most, and I do have tons of fears, but I managed to cut those into 4 illustrations.





(somehow colors with my Iphone looks better than the scan).


What I fear most:

1) The future of the planet

2) I fear to get sick

3) My father not recognazing me anymore cause of Alzheimer

4) A giant spider eating me while I sleep


Right after I started the "What I hate" prompt and it was the one I took more time drawing. I usually try to not hate anything because its really a burden to carry these kind of feelings so it took me more than 35 minutes to come up with stuff that bugs me.





Oh boy and when I started to thinking I did found out I dislike a lot of things lol  I actually try not to focus on things I dont like but ignoring those stuffs at long run can make more damage than good.


I hate:

1) Neighboors doing parties till the morning

2) My neighboor thinking he is right just because he is old

3) Pleople that dont clean their dog's poop

4) Small shoes that looked perfect (last pairs sale and shoes don't fit) :(


The last prompt is inspired by my grandmother. She passed away few months ago at age 90. She lived in Brazil but never said no to me when I invited her to come to Italy to visit me. She would take the 14 hours flight just to stay with me for some months. I miss her terribly. She used to tell me to be glad. By every little thing that happened, cause life itself is a miracle. I guess she is right. :)






I would also like to thank you for the Sketbook project link. I had no idea such a brilliant project existed. I just ordered my sketchbook :) I can not wait for it to arrive. Knowing that someone at the other side of the world could take my sketchbook and feel inspired by it its just beyong amazing!






PS: I decided to add another sheet to my fear list. One realy wasnt enough.



1) I fear losig my teeth

2) He disappearing after first date

3) Be different from everyone else

4) I fear thunders since I was 12.

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