Traveling Sound Engineer & Music Producer

Traveling Sound Engineer & Music Producer - student project

Hey, I'm Ady, a traveling Musician for 20 years and a Mixing Engineer / Music Producer since 2017, working with world-class artists creating music that surpasses borders.

Love to music drives me every day since a young age and I'm keeping a balance of traveling the world, supporting local artists with free records, and paid client projects.

We preserve the cultural heritage with our project "Hit The Road Music Studio" and reached out to 2,000,000 viewers, sharing hidden treasures with the world.

The universal language of music connects people, so this is my way to make this world a better place - showing that we are all one.

After 3 years I became a Music production teacher on Promix Academy with 17 tutorials and partner with "Produce Like A Pro" where you can find my tutorials and documentaries as well as running worldwide mixing challenges.

Music = Love 

Recording at Lewitt Audio's In House Studio / Vienna

All videos that we recorded in this World :) 

Music Producer | Mixing Engineer