Toile de Waikiki

Toile de Waikiki - student project

I'm Jamie, a stay-at-home mom of 4, art hobbyist. I did this project with a Spoonflower fabric design in mind and was very pleased with the result. I tried a few other color ways, but I felt this was the most tropical. This is the most time-intensive fabric pattern I have ever designed because of all the intricate line work. I enjoyed the class thoroughly and learned a lot about this style of art/fabric. Thank you for checking out my project. :)


Here is my Pinterest Board with descriptions of possible scenes, and some colors I pulled from the photos I collected:

These are the motifs in their digital form. I found that some of the line work was lost when I digitized, but I still have the originals as well. I digitized them using my cell phone camera and an app called Adobe Capture. I have found this to do pretty well and be very fast at vectorizing my sketches.


And here is the final repeat. I added the Hawaiian geese in flight because I needed another filler beside clouds. I chose the bright blue because it just evokes relaxation and ocean and fun, and the yellow because I believe the island of Oahu is represented by the color yellow and the Hawaii state flower is the yellow hibiscus. 

I added a bunch of color ways I experimented with too:


And I came back to this about a year later. I recolored it and added white areas to ocean and clouds. I like this version the best now!