Toile Maya

Toile Maya - student project


My name is Yamila Mayo Heiblum. As a background, I'm a photographer and Graphic Designer.

I've lived in Mexico with my husband and family and travel to many places in this beautiful country.

One area that has always fascinated me is the Yucatan peninsula. So much history and culture! I decided to do some research and I came up with this Toile Maya.

Let's see what comes up.

Let you know as I go along with the project.

inspiration Board

Scene Description

1- Chichen Itzá ruins, with a small path of stones. Some mild vegetation in the back.

2.- Colorful birds (Quetzal and Tucan) from the Yucatán area seating on branch.

3.- Agricultural and lifestyle of the Mayan people centuries ago. Men working at a corn crop (basic resource in their alimentation).

4.- Tulum, the most beautiful Mayan ruins located at the Caribbean Sea. The rock where the ruins rest and vegetation typical from the area.

5.- Cenote, a lagoon that goes deep down forming caverns and subterranean paths of water.

6.- Palenque- in the mist of Yucatán jungle there is this hidden city surrounded by wild vegetation.

7.- Elements- Some script inspired by Mayan hieroglyphs and a Chac Mool (Sitting sculpture).

Digitalized Drawings

I have made some modifications to the illustrations. These are the new ones as of recommendation of Barbel I add some foliage to some ruins and Cenote. Also some changes to the hieroglyphs and to the corn field.

The one below is a new illustration. Not any ruin in paricular. I've made so many now, that this one was invented. (Hahaha!) Inspired by an old painting.

Some extra elements

Since I couldn't use all the motifs in one pattern I decided to make 2 versions.

Toile #1


Toile #2 (Variation with other motifs)



Here are some samples. I'm now playing with color. So many possibilities! I'll upload some more and my color palette too.

Still need to upload the variations in the dense pattern.


Here are some more variations on Toile #2 and more:


And other colors:


I hope I didn't got carried away, so many variations!.

Also applied some in stationery.

Thank you Bärbel for teaching this amazing class! It has open many other possibilities in my career. You explain everything so well and guide us step by step in a clear and simple way!

Wishing you receive as much and more as you give of your time and knowledge. Lots of blessings your way. Thank you once again!

Photographer and Graphic Designer