Thoughts of an Emerging Illustrator

Thoughts of an Emerging Illustrator - student project

I was hesitant to post my project because I'm not used to sharing such personal work online, but I was inspired by Mari and everyone else taking this class! Maybe someone else can relate to how I'm feeling.

Some Background:

I graduated from university without any direction, except that I didn't want to work in the industry I studied. I spent a few years traveling, working random jobs, and pursuing various interests. I finally discovered my passion for creating and have been working towards becoming a freelance illustrator. I just landed my first big client (woo-hoo!), but with that came a whole new wave of insecurities.

These are some of the things going on in my head...

But I remember all the things I've been through...

And the little things I'm grateful for...

And where I see myself in 10 years...

(Only half-serious about the 5 dogs and 5 cats... Or am I?)

And I know that things will work themselves out in the end. It may not go exactly as planned, but when does it ever?


I'm a big list-maker and doodler, so being able to dump the contents of my brain onto paper was therapeutic to me. It was also cathartic to make work that made me feel vulnerable--I'm used to making light-hearted drawings without any emotional weight, so this was a huge change!

Thank you for the awesome class and project, Mari!


student for life