Thistle Painted Loosely

Thistle Painted Loosely - student project

I really got a lot out of your class Jean. Thank you so much. It is actually the first watercolor I have been able to do that is loose, spontaneous, and not entirely realistic. I did the project twice and this is the second attempt. It's far from perfect: I forgot the salt bc I was concentrating so hard and there aren't any bulbs under the flowers??? But I love it.  I have been tired of painting only rigid and stiff motifs. So loose has been hard for me to do. I didn't know how to approach it, and you shared your techniques, process, and experience so clearly, interestingly, and beautifully. The plastic wrap effect is genius and so effective. I would appreciate ANY feedback you might have for me to improve. I love your work and I hope to try more paintings of different types of flowers in this style- eventually repeating them into patterns for for the fabric or paper market. This project made my day! :) Thanks Jean, Marcella (mlezine) in NC USA- I will post my project on Instagram sharing info about your class and tagging you.:)