The portrait

The portrait - student project

Hello, Cara!

I did the portrait based on the photo of Lisa Minelli.

1 - the reference and then planes scheme

2 - the portrait itself

I used the oil-like brush

The portrait is not accurate in proportions, the girl on the painting came out not as Lisa, but as another pretty girl!=)

(I know I should work on my realism, but this is a different problem).

Values are in place and the color is bright, I am pleased with it. Maybe I should do a more refined version, but I noticed the more I work on the painting the worst it gets. So I stopped. 

For now, the result is decent, I think.  

I will be glad to hear your opinion on the piece! Thank you for the class! 

And I would love to see your rendering and painting process (You asked if someone is interested in it). If you make a class about it, I will totally watch it and participate!