The most silent ones

The most silent ones - student project

I'm really inspired by this class! I usually stick to 2-3 word sayings and struggle with longer quotes. But Joshua's planning process made everything sound much easier and I immediately tried it on my quote. 

I use blue coloured lead for all my sketches, so pictures are somewhat pale. Started with picking the most important words and planning letter styles very broadly. I love how the weight of each word is visible from the very beginning.

I didn't know which script style to use, so I just started with the first one that came to my mind. My goal at this stage was to see if composition works and I wanted to get rid of scary blank page as soon as possible. :)  

It became obvious that this style is too thick and playful for my quote and I started to look for something more delicate and airy. Lots and lots of lines here. 

Here I felt it was almost done. Usually I make pretty small sketches, this one was size of a postcard. I had to enlarge it to work on fine details, so I made a photo, scaled it up and printed to use as a guide for further work. 

Traced it over lightly, then made proper guidelines and worked on similar widths, slants, tips and balance. Ready for inking!

Blue lead doesn't smudge but it also doesn't erase well, so I had to trace my quote once again. I use Uni Pin 0.5-0.8 for inking, sometimes black Faber-castell brush for bigger pieces. I never thought of using a marker, definitely trying it next time.

Bolder letters I find easier to ink as I can always fix wobbly edges with thinner liner, but thin curves are such a pain for me. It's very challenging to finish the whole line in one movement and I often end up with either shaky curve or ugly visible connections if I try to break it into manageable pieces. What could help me with this issue?

All in all I'm very satisfied with the result. This class saved me at least an hour of ineffective planning, I learned to trust more my feeling of what works and what doesn't, and I was just very happy to come with my own ideas thanks to this kind and inspirational video. Thanks Joshua! It's a joy to see your designs in Instagram and a double joy to see the whole process in action!