The lighthouse

The lighthouse  - student project

Hi everybody! I'm starting a little late but I think I can make it in time!


For my animated house project I have chosen to make a lighthouse because I love how they looks and, also, I want to experiment a bit with the light, not as an effect but as a solid shape layer ( sorry about my english, I'll try to express myself the best that I can!! That's another challenge for me :) 

This is a board with some images of differents lighthouses that I like the style:

The board below is about the graphic style that I'm looking for, something flat with some textures, a little vintage:

And for the color I want to do something like the photgraphy of West Anderson films:

Here are my first sketches:

I want to animate the construction of the lighthouse and meanwhile, some gulls are crossing the sky. Then the sky went dark blue like the night and the light of the lighthouse turn around turning everything white connecting with the start of the Gif.


Finally I have finish the artwork in Illustrator. I have separate in differents groups each element in the composition, also in differents layers. I have made both day and night illustrations. I want to experiment with some vintage textures in the illustration but I think I'm going to do it in AE directly.


At last I have just import all the elements on AE. Because of I have CS5 version I couldn't transform my AI layers into shape layers automatically so I had to create each element one by one again, that took me a lot of time... But finally I can start animating in AE!


Here is the first test. I like it but I have to change a few things about the timing and also I want to animate a bit the seagulls and turn the scene into night and make the light effect of the lighthouse.


Here is another test of the animation. I have made some changes on the timing of the animation, I think the house was too slowly so I made the lighthouse starts sooner. Also I have animated the seagulls and I'm trying with differents textures, I think this one it's too saturated. I miss the night part to finish, I'll try to have it for tomorrow.  :)

And finally here is my animated lighthouse scene, I hope that you'll like it!