The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror - student project

Beth is troubled and lonely. She doesn’t understand why she seems to be at odds with her family and friends. One day she is looking for a present for her girlfriend and discovers a mirror in an antique store that she buys for herself and takes home. On a phone call from her mother that night she realizes that her reflection in the mirror has changed to that of a child. Frightened and feeling crazy she gets off the phone and puts the mirror away but later she can’t leave it alone. She discovers that each time she looks in the mirror she has changed into some projection of who she is in her relationships, a child to her mother, a witch to her daughter-in-law, an artist to her sister the businesswoman. She learns that she projects her feelings onto everyone in ways that keep her from seeing them or herself clearly. By using the mirror in the weeks that follow she is able to clearly see the deeper nature of her relationships with others, especially with her boyfriend who she learns that she mothers and with herself. Later she accidentally drops it and panics but soon realizes that she can still learn the same information on her own without the mirror. Many of her relationships improve.