The Faces

The Faces - student project

I have always fail to give personality to my characters. My colleague commented that my characters have this numb personality character with neutral expression in which they think should be brighten up. :D

And today I've completed your class and I immediately start to draw faces hoping that I would get over with the neutral expression. Learning the face proportion help me the most to arrange the mouth, nose, eyes and ears but I still have more to improve on the proportion due to I have been draw lots of asian fatty faces with far-distance eyes. I need to draw line of the division before I start drawing faces. Some other times, I would skip it. 

This is my drawing. The common faces I make. 

When drawing the faces, I need my characters to be smiley. So what I did, I draw the squint small eyes and make a small slant curve and adding more curve on the lips part. I think one of them have a smiley face - the second row in the middle. And I still need to learn on the shadow part. 

I hope you going to like it! :D 

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